Upcoming Gallery Openings 2017

• 11/3/17 – “Burned” feat. Chautauqua Area Potters & Friends
• 12/1/17 – TBA

78 Allen Street
Buffalo, NY 14202

(Please use door on Virgina Place)

Upcoming Gallery Openings

• 8/4/17 – Prints For Paws 2017
• 10/6/17 – Michael Andriaccio

Monday – Friday
9am – 5:30pm

78 Allen Street
Buffalo, NY 14202

(Please use door on Virgina Place)

Monday – Friday
9am – 5:30pm

Current Exhibition


“Burned” is an art show featuring a variety of wood-fired pottery and sculpture from the Chautauqua Area Potters & Friends, curated by Marv Bjurlin.

Opening reception is Friday, Nov 3rd from 6-9pm featuring live music by the talented Alyn Syms. . Complimentary refreshments and snacks will be available.

All the artworks in this exhibition were fired at the the Scott Creek Fire Place in Sheridan, NY.

Show runs through November 30th.

  • MARVIN BJURLIN, EXHIBITION CURATOR, resident of Fredonia, NY, is a retired SUNY professor of ceramics, owner/operator of Scott Creek Fire Place, and avid maker of clay objects.  His work is divided between marine motif sculpture and functional tableware. 716-672-9151• bjurlin@mac.com • www.bjurlinceramics.com
  • RON NASCA is the proprietor of Mudslingers, a community clay-learning venue in Fredonia, NY.  He has been highly involved in the development of the Scott Creek Fire Place, becoming the kiln master for most of the firings. 716-672-6833
  • LISA EPPOLITO is an accomplished potter living in Fredonia, NY.  After concluding a career as an instructor in ESL, she now has a studio at her home where she teaches young students basic ceramics. Lisa is an integral member of the Scott Creek Fire Place group. 716-673-5608 • lisaanneppolito@gmail.com
  • SALLY DANFORTH is a professional potter from East Aurora, NY.  Sally, working primarily in functional electric fired stoneware, has only recently joined the wood-firing community.  The works in this exhibition are the first results of this new experience. 716-652-8504 • shdanforth@aol.com
  • AMY SNYDER is an avocational potter from Chautauqua, NY.  Recently she has been focusing on making tiles to install in her kitchen. 716-665-9744 • poterosa@netsync.net
  • JACOB SWANSON, Classical saxophonist and educator, lives in Fredonia, NY. In addition to enthusiastic amateur potting, he performs as member of the Decho Ensemble and teaches for the Gowanda Central School District, Jamestown Community College, Infinity Visual and Performing Arts, and New Horizons of Western New York at SUNY Fredonia. 716-913-6065 • www.jacobswanson.com
  • JILL SWANSON, a native of Gowanda, NY, currently works for Student Affairs at SUNY Fredonia. She is new to pottery and loving her time at the wheel. jillwan93@gmail.com
  • ELLIOTT HUTTON, a full time studio potter, is the owner of Hog Shed Pottery, near Ellicottville, NY.  In addition to her extensive product line of gas- fired ceramics, she has been wood firing with the CAP group for several years. 716-244-2967 • ehutten49@gmail.com • www.myhogshedstudiopottery.com
  • ANNE MORMILE is a college art teacher working in the ceramic medium, at St. Bonaventure University in Olean, NY.  She is a graduate of SUNY Fredonia and has an MFA from U of PA, Edinboro. 716-640-8379 • annemormile@gmail.com
  • MAGDA GLUZEK, a ceramic artist working and teaching at Northland Pioneer College in Show Low, AZ, is originally from Syracuse. She’s a graduate of SUNY Fredonia, Magda has a Master of Fine Arts degree in ceramics, University of Florida. 352-275-6509 • www.missmagdag.com
  • JIM RENO is a full time potter working together with his wife Pat, in Hartfield, NY.  On occasion, he wood-fires his porcelain pieces with the CAP group. Reno Pottery is sold in craft shops around the US. 716-753-7551 • preno@fairpoint.net
  • RANDY CRAWFORD, a graduate of SUNY Fredonia, is a potter living and working near Colden, NY.  Randy has been a steady participant at the Scott Creek Fire Place.  716-969-9544 • mr.randycrawford@gmail.com
  • AIMEE GINADER GERVIRTZ, an avocational potter, recently addicted to wood firing, lives in Erie, PA. After a 25-year hiatus, she got back into making pottery five years ago after a late night discussion about studying ceramics in Greece. 814-273-0828 • snar4@gmail.com
  • TED LEE got involved with clay as a way of relieving the stress related to his professional job as the chairman of the Biology department at SUNY Fredonia.  He has been particularly interested in making functional forms utilizing multiple colored clays. 716-281-9250 • nypackers@hotmail.com
  • RON MEYERS is an internationally renown, and highly collected potter, long retired from a career as Professor of Ceramics at University of Georgia, Athens.  During the summers, he and his wife, Hester, live in Angola, NY, where he has a summer ceramics studio just a few miles from Scott Creek Fire Place. 706-207-2761 • rhmeyers@uga.edu
  • JESSIE SIMMONS earned a BFA at Alfred University in 2013 and has since been a studio potter and an instructor at Bloom Collaborative in Erie, PA. 814-969-0284 • jess.smms@gmail.com
  • ANN DRUMHELLER JANIK, a Dunkirk, NY resident, discovered clay well after retiring from a career in the airlines.  She has become passionate about her involvement in the tactile ceramic medium.  Her work often involves highly detailed decoration. 716-366-1052 • anndjanik@yahoo.com
  • JOE MOOSMAN, resident of Erie, PA is a potter, instructor and ceramics technician.  He has recently become involved with the community at Scott Creek Fire Place.  Joe describes his work as “primordial, primitve, pyric, poignant, pristine…” 814-572-5158
  • LINDA CURRIER is Director of Behavioral Medicine at AHN in Erie, PA.  She works in both fiber and clay, particularly enjoying the fire and how each piece reveals the story of its dance with the flame. 814-566-0987 • ln.currier@gmail.com

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