Frequently Asked Questions

What is a giclée?

Giclée comes from the French word meaning “spray” which applies to the sophisticated inkjet printing process used to create museum-quality prints. each giclée is created form millions and millions of microscopic ink droplets that produce the most vivid colors at the highest resolution. Giclées can therefore recreate textures and brush strokes from original pieces, as well as beautifully reproduce the details of photographs, recreating the appearance of original artwork.

How big can my print be?

Our inkjet printers go up to 60 inches wide and as long as you need, — if you need larger we can produce perfectly registered panels too — so we can accommodate virtually any size you need!

What is a proof?

We have our own internal proofing process that allows us to satisfactorily color correct your image(s) for our specific printers and papers. If you would like to see proofs of your image before we go ahead with the final print, you can receive a set of physical proofs for $15 per unique image. This can be useful to see the different paper options, or to confirm you are happy with our work, and you may keep the proofs for yourself.

What is your turnaround time?

Because of the wide variety of services we offer, turnaround time can vary. Generally speaking, printing and scanning jobs will take 2-7 business days, while framing, mounting, or high-quantity jobs can take up to 14 business days. That being said, we are always willing to work with whatever reasonable deadline a client may have.

Can you scan my artwork while I wait?

Unfortunately, we can not. Our fine art scanning typically takes 2-7 business days and we will keep your original piece with us until the scan is complete to ensure that we can color correct the files to the best of our ability. Do you have an urgent project? Contact us with some specifics. More often than not we are certainly willing to work to meet your deadline.

Why is there a first print price?

When you send us a file to print, we don’t just hit ⌘P and call it a day. Our professional team of experts will take the time to exhaustively color correct your file and perform and basic touchups to ensure that our final print will match (or surpass!) your expectations. Once this work is completed, multiple prints of that same image can then be produced at a reduced price.

Note: If you are not supplying the image (i.e. we have scanned a piece for you), this color correcting process is included in the scanning price and your prints will all be at the reduced multiples price.

Why are things so expensive?

All the materials we use are top-of-the-line archival materials, and our friendly team of professional experts are truly some of the best at what they do, putting in extra time and effort to create the best final product we can that will last a lifetime.

Do you require a deposit?

A non-refundable 50% deposit is required for new clients and high-quantity orders as collateral and to cover the upfront cost of supplies. The remaining balance is due upon completion of the project with Net 30 terms. After 30 days, a late fee of 2% per month is added.

Will my print look EXACTLY like my original?

While we tend not to use words like “exactly”, but what we absolutely guarantee is that our team of friendly professionals won’t stop until you’re happy. We’ll put in as much work as necessary to deliver you a giclée reproduction that captures the same look and feel of the original as closely as possible.

What type of glass do you use?

Light sources, both sunlight and manmade lighting, emit harmful UV rays that can damage or fade your artwork. To effectively reduce these effects, we only use glass or acrylic that has been engineered with a protective coating that filters out up to 99% of UV light rays. We also offer museum-grade and non-reflective options.

I live out in the 'burbs. Do I have to come in to pick up my work?

Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver your work to you. We can ship your pieces to you, but due to our overprotective packaging (we don’t want your pieces to come to any harm!) this can become an expensive option.

If you are coming in to pick up your work, we are located in Buffalo’s historic Allentown disctrict (between Delaware and Franklin), so why not make a day of it? Peruse the quaint shops running along Allen Street, or stop in Cafe 59 for a beer and an amazing chicken finger sub or a outstanding polenta wings.

Can I show my art in your gallery?

Possibly! Shoot an email over to with your contact information, a brief description of your process and yourself as an artist, and attach some samples of your work. We’ll be in touch shortly with some feedback and availability information for our gallery!

What is your return policy?

All the pieces we produce are extremely custom and made just for you, therefore, all orders are final. There are always special case exceptions, so please feel free to contact us regarding any concerns or complaints and we will try our best to solve the problem, but we do not guarantee a replacement product.

Do you offer any discounted items?

YES! Occasionally, we end up with more of an item than we need. It could be because it is the last of our stock, or perhaps we bought it for a project that never came to be, or maybe our eyes were bigger than our printers and we just ordered too much. Whatever the reason, be sure to ask us if we have any clearance options for you to take advantage of (while supplies last).

You didn't answer my question!

We’re sorry! Shoot your question over to and we’ll be in touch with an answer asap! There’s no such thing as a bad question, but if yours is a good enough one we’ll add it to this page!